Internet Radio

I was a guest at a local internet radio station with Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate Magazine editor, Brittany Nunn. This station specializes in Korean alternative music. They interviewed me about my “Beyond Slumber” album. It was a lot of fun!

ajm 118   ajm 115   ajm 116   ajm 114

Crystal Clear Sound Studio

Here are a few pictures from my recording session at Crystal Clear Sound studio in Dallas, TX, where I recorded my song “Pretty Imagery” from my “Trampolines” album. That’s me playing piano and one of me with Kent Stump, the chief engineer.

ajm 122   ajm 119   ajm 120   ajm 121

Other pictures

Here are a few miscellaneous pics from a photo shoot, having lunch at a local Dallas place, and one of me playing for the elderly at a senior living center.

ajm 123   ajm 124   ajm 127   ajm 126   ajm 114 (1)   FullSizeRender