Romulus’ Castle

Album CoverRomulus’ Castle is Andreas Jahn’s 3rd album, a totally instrumental work, built from elaborate swelling compositions, and coated in soft mystical entrancing instrumentation.

Listen to Romulus’ Castle, or download it for free from my SoundCloud page.

Album Notes

More information about this album coming soon….


  1. Romulus’ Castle
  2. Up That Staircase
  3. Secret Area
  4. Blue Hair
  5. Today I’m Wearing a Hat
  6. Peter’s Creepy Friend
  7. Escapade Hour
  8. Air
  9. Looking at Stars with Friends
  10. Ode to Being Alone
  11. Bassoons
  12. James’ Dungeon
  13. Goodness
  14. Up That Infinite Staircase