Beyond Slumber

Beyond Slumber CD coverBeyond Slumber is a collection of songs with subtle dreamlike elements from beginning to end. The original title for this album was actually going to be a combination of the Latin words for “happy” and “dream”. With lots of instruments playing and lots of mystery in the vocals, I gravitated towards keeping an upbeat groove with varying lyrical inspiration. The instruments range from midi electric pianos and drums to orchestral arrangements. I wrote the lyrics with build-up in mind as well as a slight optimistic, and occasionally, whimsical edge.

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  1. Materials
  2. Surprise *
  3. Down to Earth
  4. Misty Morning *
  5. Canine *
  6. Something Cute
  7. Bigger Than Yourself
  8. Internal – My Ego
  9. Villain
  10. Cloud Speed
  11. Fiction Splash *
  12. Visible Hands – There – Dream

* You can listen to these songs, and download them for FREE, on the “Songs” page!

All music and vocals, mixing, arrangements, engineering and production by Andreas Jahn, with the exception of:

Additional Musicians:

  • Alfredo Jahn VI – Harmony on track 3
  • Case Cockrell – Acoustic Guitar on track 7
  • Alfredo Jahn V – Lead Guitar on track 11

Beyond Slumber is available as a digital download from the following locations.  The best prices, and better quality options (mp3-320 bps and FLAC)  are available from CD Baby, so get it there if you can.

You can also stream the entire album from Spotify!

Song lyrics are available in my Liner Notes